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Managed Services to Fortify Your Business

Palisade Technology Solutions™ is a security-focused MSP equipped with an arsenal of NSA-level tools and solutions engineered to strengthen and protect any network.

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Bridging the Gap Between Technology & People

Machines and software make technology work, but people give it a purpose. Every Palisade Technology Solution begins and ends with people. We focus on developing meaningful and lasting relationships while delivering superior managed services to help your business grow.

Our team of IT experts build solutions to make your organization more effective and efficient while staying innovative and ahead of the technological curve. We are the link that gets you and your team from where you are now, to where you want to be.

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The Trusted Partner Your Business Needs

As a business leader, your efforts are best focused on your organization’s success rather than juggling your IT infrastructure and worrying if it's secure and compliant. Palisade Technology Solutions will work closely with you to fully understand your business, present you with cost-effective and trustworthy solutions, and completely remove the complexity of maintaining and growing your business technology systems.

Whether you need to completely outsource your IT, supplement your existing IT department with strategic guidance, or scale-up your systems, our deep portfolio of managed IT services are tailored to your specific needs.

Complete IT Solutions You Can Depend On

Managed IT Service Solutions

We have a managed services plan that fits your technology needs perfectly. Browse our options to get a feel for what we can offer your business, then contact us for a consultation.

Our Trusted Partners

Strong partnerships produce strong systems. We're proud to team with these fine organizations to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for all of their IT needs.

An Elite
Cybersecurity Force™

Blue Team Alpha™ is the professionally-trained team of experts to call when you're building defenses against a breach, or when you discover that you've been breached and aren't sure what to do next.





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Fortifying Security, Safeguarding Prosperity, Defending Democracy

With a battle-hardened team of veteran professionals, Stronghold brings a relentless dedication to protecting critical assets. It offers world-class cybersecurity, IT, and commercial audiovisual services.

Cybersecurity Awareness
for Your Entire Team

Even the best defenses can be compromised with a single click. Equip your employees with the knowledge to identify an attack and avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime.

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Contact us today to discuss your business IT solution with our team. From the very first interaction, you'll notice our dedication to our clients and the passion for what we do.


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